Happy May Day

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May 1st is May Day . . . or at least it was.

When I was a child the 1st of May was celebrated.  Not like Christmas or Easter, but a welcoming of spring.  There was often a May Day parade, and I can remember my Mother taking me to a few homes of elderly people, where we would leave a basket at their door with some sort of home-made treat like cookies.

At kindergarten we would hang streamers to a large pole in the ground, each child having the end of one streamer, and we would walk around the pole until it was completely wrapped.  It was the May Pole.

I have no idea what the significance of the May Pole was, but certainly taking a basket of goodies to friends and those less fortunate was a nice gesture.

The country doesn’t seem to celebrate May Day any more.  No parade, no May Pole, no May Day gift baskets. 

Sad.  It was a great tradition. 

Guess we got too busy . . . or perhaps too lazy . . . or maybe people don’t give a (bleep) any more.  I don’t know; but it was a nice tradition that has unfortunately faded away into distant memories.

So may I suggest you take a couple of minutes to sit down and call someone you haven’t spoken to in some time.  Don’t send an e-mail,or a text, or a tweet, but  reach out as one human to another and actually talk to them.  Let them know you are thinking of them and that they are special.  After all we all need to feel special.

Happy May Day

That’s my 2 cents.

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It is November 30th and I have finished my Christmas shopping!!!

I do beleive this is the earliest I have ever finished my shopping.  But there is more than the mear fact I’ve finished my shopping . . . it is the ease with which I accomplished it.

Normally I avoid shopping on Black Friday, but for some reason I decided to head out and see what was happening.  It was about noon and the roads were not packed with cars, actually traffic was about normal for a weekday.  First stop was Sam’s Club, where I easily found a parking spot near the door.  In fact there were lots of parking places, the parking lot had about as many cars as any weekday.  Inside there was the normal non-Holiday amount of customers, but I will say that a number of people had one or more carts full of items, so that was a good indication.

Then on to a Wal-Mart where I encountered the same parking space avaialability, the same lack of shoppers, the same short lines for check-out.  The cashier told me that they had not experienced any surge of shoppers, she assumed they were all ordering on line this year.

Another Wal-Mart resulted in the same lack-luster shopping experience.  Now, to be fair, both Wal-Marts seemed to have some almost bare spots on their shelves, especially in the electronics department.  Most of the iPods for example were sold out, as was the popular Wii.

Yesterday I went to Meijers, and they too had plenty of parking and short check-out lanes; however, this clerk told me that on Black Friday they were swamped from opening until about 10:00 AM.  So I guess shoppers were out just for the early day specials.  Their electronics department was also quite bare of the expensive iPods and other high-end electronics and cameras.

I heard that so far on-line shopping was higher than expected, so I guess people are ordering more on-line and avoiding the crowded malls and stores.  So perhaps in a few years there won’t be hardly any extra people shopping on Black Friday, and that’s sad.

Sad because part of the excitement of Christmas is the mass of people; the crowds; the traffic; the whole Holiday shopping experience.  Christmas shopping without the crowds is like Christmas without snow, or without a tree, or without Santa.  Christmas shopping without the crowds just doesn’t seem natural.

Oh, I enjoyed the fact that I could easily find a parking spot, and didn’t have to wait in line forever, but still it just didn’t seem quite normal either.

There is one thing left that I would like to find, but it certainly isn’t major.  I’d like to find some mistletoe.  Artificial or real, it doesn’t matter.  But ya know, I’m having trouble finding any.  Perhaps that’s another Holiday tradition that is disappearing.  Same.  Christmas without mistletoe is like Christmas without crowds at the mall.

May this Christmas bring you all the Peace and Joy that the season represents.

That’s my 2 cents.



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Halloween Marketing

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Yes, I realize Halloween is almost a full three months away, but when it comes to planning your advertising, now is the time to think about it.  (You always need to think two to three months in advance on advertising.)

Halloween provides you with an excellent marketing opportunity that virtually no business takes advantage of.  When those little costumed characters come knocking at your door, why not give them something with your name imprinted on it instead of candy, (or maybe in addition to the candy). 

For example, try pencils with your name on them.  The child can use it to draw and the parent will appreciate the fact that it isn’t more candy.  Rulers are another great item to give out; inexpensive but useful to child and parent. 

When you order, be sure to order enough for everyone in your company to hand out.  This will please your employees because they don’t have to spend their hard earned money on candy, and will increase the distribution of your name in the community.  You need to be ordering now, because imprinted items may take six to eight weeks to produce.  If you decide to order something I’d be happy to take care of it for you, just call or e-mail me and I can get started on your order. 

Here are some more inexpensive ideas to consider:

Key chains


Candy with your logo molded in

Letter openers

Stick pens

Wooden nickels

Shoe laces with your name or logo

Bumper sticker

Another distribution idea would be to go to the local schools and offer to have the school name/logo and your logo appear on the promotional item and give one to every student, teacher, and staff member in the school. 

Also, you may have the opportunity of using co-op money, so be sure and check with your suppliers to see if they will help with the project.  When you are ready to take action just give me a call and I’ll take care of you.

Act quickly, time is getting short.  

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