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Last week I attended two networking events.  Now the purpose of networking events is to meet new people, establish new connections, and hopefully obtain referrals for more business.  You would think that such opportunities would be treasured and explored.

Between the two events I collected about 60 business cards and had brief to virtually no conversation with most of the attendees, and talked in depth with about fifteen.  I followed up the next day by inviting each individual to connect with me on LinkedIn, and for those not on LinkedIn I sent a traditional e-mail.  Each individual received a personalized message commenting on what we had discussed, or an apology for not having but a brief interaction.  Some, those who had the potential of mutually beneficial referrals, I suggested we meet for more discussion.

Of those 60 e-mails about 24 replied or accepted my invitation to connect; two initiated the suggestion that we get together to learn more about each others business.  Not a single individual initiated an e-mail to me or a request to connect to them.

Only 40% of the networkers did anything.  And then only after I initiated the dialog.

How is that networking?  About 60% of the people ignored an opportunity.  Now I’m certainly not the best referral opportunity for some of those individuals, but you never know when I, or someone I know, might need a plumber, or painter, or Avon representative, or car, or whatever.

Networking is about staying in touch, but to stay in touch you have to acknowledge a person when they reach out to you.  You have to be willing to interact when someone approaches you.  Most that I met unfortunately didn’t bother.

When networking the name of the “game” is meet as many potential referral opportunities as possible, especially those in fields that would naturally feed into you.  But you keep in touch with everyone because you never know where that next big opportunity might come from.

Not one member even reached out to me and said “Thanks for coming, hope you liked the group and come back.”  Oh I got a packet of info at the end, and two lovely ladies talking up the group, and they did say “come back”, but they were part of the membership committee; none of the regular members said two words to me.

It just really saddened me to attend professional networking groups that aren’t interested in truly reaching out to prospective members or sources of referrals.  And quite honestly member interest and reaching out are qualities I look for in a networking group.

That’s my 2 cents.

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RIP: Yahoo 360

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Yahoo announced today that they would be closing their social site Yahoo 360 and opening a new social networking site Yahoo Profiles.

While Yahoo was willing to transfer a members basic info to their new web site, they were unwilling to transfer contacts, e-mail address, the blog, or any other info on a members 360 ite to the new Pofiles site.  You were to download that to your computer and then upload it to the nw site.  Wouldn’t it have been just as easy for them to transfer the info?  Wouldn’t it have been even easier for them to simply make their changes and upgrades to the 360 site in the first place and avoid all this mess?

So I have sent Yahoo an e-mail, presented below …

<begin message>

I’m sure you have your reasons, but IMHO closing Yahoo 360 is a fatal blunder.

I have e-mailed all my connections on 360 and invited them to connect with me on either MySpace or FaceBook since I don’t plan on using your new Profile pages.

During the years I was on 360 I enjoyed it; I was with you  l-o-n-g  before opening a FaceBook or MySpace account.  You were easy to use and had all I felt like I needed.  Those other sites are slower for me, and while they have some interesting applications I still utilized 360 on a daily basis.

Perhaps I would be inclined to utilize your new Profile pages if you had transfered more than just my basic info.  But no, I have to download (how?) my blog and anything else I want saved, and then upload it t the new site … why bother.  You were willing to move some of my info, but not everything and frankly you re doing little (OK, you aren’t doing anything), to make me want to move to the Profiles site.  Even my home URL has moved from a simple and easy to remember URL (, to an un-holy lengty and un-rememborable URL.

Sorry, but I think you’ve lost a lot of users.  Since you have never responded to a single complaint or suggestion I have made in the past I know you won’t bother to respond to this, but at least I got it off my chest . . . even if it was to deaf ears.

Bye Yahoo, I’m off to FaceBook and MySpace.

<end message>

I really enjoyed Yahoo 360, even if they didn’t have all the apps you can find on MySpace and FaceBook.  Met a lot of nice people on 360 and I hope they will join me on one or both of the other sites.

I’ll stick around on 360 until they turn off the server on June 17th but then I’m moving on.  I’ll miss 360, but that will pass with time.

Good-bye my 360 friends, I hope you will join me on one of the other two social networking sites.  As Red Skelton used to say at the end of his show:  “Good night, and may God bless”.

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Networking is Great

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Networking is great, and is an important part of developing sales leads, but knowing people and networking are two very different things. You should be keeping in regular contact with all those you are networking with.  Now if you are part of a regular group that meets on a regular basis, keeping in touch with them is much easier but what about everyone else in your address book that you are supposedly “networking” with?

Are you keeping in touch with them?  Are you picking up the phone and calling them to “see how they are”, or sending an e-mail, or even an actually hand-written note?

It’s easy to have a great big list of contacts that you say you are networking with, but if you aren’t touching bases with them on occasion then you aren’t really networking.Too many people think networking is easy, you just meet people and add them to your list of contacts; but that isn’t networking, that’s just collecting names.   Networking involves time, energy, effort, and dedication to be beneficial.Nor is networking one-sided, the long-term process is supposed to provide benefit to both parties, so what are you doing to help those you are networking with?  Have you sent them any leads?  Have you done anything for them, or are you just waiting for them to do something for you?

Start really connecting with all those networking contacts and find out how they are and what’s happening to them. Make the relationship valuable to them.  It’s not all about you, it’s about helping them be successful and in the process they will make you successful.

And that’s my 2 cents.



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Networking Courtesy

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Like many people in sales I am in a weekly networking group that shares leads and contact information.  If you don’t participate in one of these groups, I strongly encourage you to find one and join.

At our last weekly meeting only about half of the members were present, and the rest hadn’t bothered to call anyone and say “I can’t make it.”  Something I would consider a common courtesy.

While I realize that interruptions occur, I would make the following suggestions if you participate in one of these lead-generating groups:

1.  Put that weekly meeting in your schedule and treat it with the same respect and reverence you would an important sales call.  The leads you receive here could generate thousands of dollars down the road. 

2.  Always, be a few minutes early; I’m a firm believer that:  “If you aren’t early, you are late.”  That’s true for any appointment.

3.  If you can’t make it, or are going to be late—call someone and let them know.  I’m sure you’d call a prospect if you were delayed, and your sales colleagues deserve the same consideration.

4.  If you know in advance that you won’t be able to attend, send a substitute in your place.  At the very least it demonstrates your commitment to, and respect for, the group.You wouldn’t be late for an important sales call, so why be late to a networking event that could lead you to thousands of dollars in sales?


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An Ultimate Networking Site

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 Every time I speak or am consulting with a client, I get the question “What is the best advertising method?”

There is no “the best” anything.

In marketing what works for one business may not be at all appropriate for another business in the same industry.  Each situation is unique.

When it comes to social or professional networking, the same is true.  Each site has its good points as well as its bad.  Elements I might love in one site, you might hate.

If I were to create the “perfect” networking site it would have various elements from a number of different networking sites.  Unfortunately, I would probably be the only one who found it to be the ultimate, perfect site.

A universal solution would not be a “perfect” solution.  A universal solution would be one that has more pro’s than con’s for the vast majority of users.  It would be one where people are satisfied but not necesacarily ecstatic about the solution.

It would be a universal compromise. No one really wins, while no one really loses.

I would like to see a site where both personal social networking and professional business networking are combined.  But I’m not sure that is obtainable, and I’m not sure that it would really be desirable.

The social network is more relaxed and unfettered; the business network may be relaxed to a point, but it certainly is not unfettered.

We want to do business, generate revenue, and establish credibility in a business network — that does not lend itself to being very relaxed.  There are higher levels of acceptable behavior in any  business situation, be it on line or in the real world. 

Thus, I just don’t think you can combine a social and business networking platform any more than you can combine oil and water.

No one social network site, (MySpace, Yahoo, FaceBook, Hi5, Yuwie, etc.), meets everyone’s needs, desires, and interests. 

I started on Yahoo, then my daughter suggested MySpace, and later a business contact introduced me to LinkedIn.  Through LinkedIn I discovered FaceBook, then a marketing acquaintance on Yahoo suggested I try Yuwie, and that is where I will probably devote most of my social networking time.

So, is there a universal social and business networking platform that will satisfy everyone?

I doubt it.  Nor do I think it is obtainable.  While we are very similar, when it gets down to specifics for a networking site we each have our own desires and thus nothing becomes perfect for everyone.

In the end, we are each left with the sites that seem to work best for each of us.  For me that is LinkedIn, Yuwie, and FaceBook.

LinkedIn, (, is an excellent business networking site.  It isn’t perfect, and some individuals have had great frustration with their unresponsive customer service, but all-in-all it is pretty good.  If you decide to join please feel free to invite me to connect.

My profile can be seen at

FaceBook has an overwhelming number of applications you can “play” with.  Must be thousands of different apps.  Frankly, I’m adicted to one called Puzzlebee, it’s simply jigsaw puzzles created from images users have uploaded.

As a social networking site, I find it slow and unimpressive.

Yuwie, is a social networking site with a significant twist.  They pay you.

You probably know that all those networking sites, (Yahoo, FaceBook, MySpace, etc), have banners and ads on them that they get well paid for.  These sites make several million dollars every month off of our socializing, but Yuwie takes some of that money and gives it back to us . . . the people who actually created the content.

Do I expect to get rich?  No.  But it is nice to get Something, and some people are actually making over a $1,000 per month!  So I am slowly moving my socializing off of Yahoo and FaceBook and on to Yuwie . . . a networking site I like, and that gives something back to its users.

To learn more about Yuwie simply click on my referral code

And this is where I will stay, until of course someone creates the “perfect” site and puts everyone else out of business.


That’s my 2 cents.

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Affiliate Marketing & Social Networking

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I’ve written about networking and had planned on writing about Affiliate Marketing, but I never expected the two subjects in the same entry.  But here I am.

A marketing friend of mine has told me about a social networking site that operates much more like an affiliate program.  The concept is quite simple: 

1) you create a social networking page on their site;

2) tell everyone about it and have your friends join too, (this is an important element);

3) there are a number of ads placed on your site, (just as in all free networking sites);

4)  as people visit your web site you accumulate credit because they are seeing the ads as well as your site;

5) you are paid based on the number of page views of visitors.

A simple and rather ingenious concept.

I mentioned that an important element was telling everyone you know about the site and having them join too.  This is important for a couple of reasons.

(1)  As in any affiliate marketing program you want people to visit (and buy) from the affiliate program you are promoting.  So it is fairly obvious that your friends are probably the most willing individuals to actually visit the site and see what you are doing.

Since your payout depends on page views, (not purchases or click-throughs, just page views), your friends are helping you by checking in on your web site from time to time.

(2)  Your friends are aso the most likely to join, and this is the second key element.  You also get credit for your friends page views.  So when someone views their web site you also get credit, and eventually money.  In fact, like multi-level-marketing (MLM), you get credit for page views in your “downline”.  Up to 10 deep.  That is certainly an added bonus.

You can’t “cheat” and create a web site, then ask everone who is already a member to join under you – your downline is strictly those individuals you invite and who join.

Obviously, if you browse the site and find people you like you can connect with them, and their views count towards your page views – that’s fine.  But they don’t count in your dowline, which is OK with me.

There is also a blog feature which gives people a reason to come back to your site.  Let’s face it, if they have seen you once … and you don’t change anything … there is no reason to go back.  So make use of the blog to keep the return business returning.

Their blog function is no where near as good as the WordPress site and I wouldn’t dream of leaving here; this is after all a way of promoting my business and no marketer in their right mind would stop their marketing.  (IMHO no blog or blog site I have ever visited is as good or functional as what we have here on WordPress.)

For me at least there is one drawback to this program.  Blogging.  I have my blog here which is near and dear to my heart; I have a blog on which again is business related and I’m not about to drop; I have a personal blog on my Yahoo 360 page; and I have this new blog. 

That’s a lot of writing, or blogging.  And I won’t post the same content on multiple blogs, (OK I may paste this on my Yahoo blog to help generate a downline), so typically it is all new content in every blog.

But fortunately not all the blogs demand fresh content every couple of days.  Heck, I have trouble doing that just with this blog.  But still, it’s a lot of writing . . . fortunately, like most who blog, I enjoy writing.

Oh?  You want to actually visit this place and perhaps join?  Hummmm, maybe I should tell you where to go (in the nicest of ways of course <g>). 

Here is my referral link:  Please use this link to learn more about the program and to (I hope) join.

Since I just created my page there I can’t really give you any insight as to how much money I made; but I will update you here from time to time so you will know.  And my marketing friend who introduced me to the site hasn’t had much of a chance to generate any cash yet either.

One of my major problems with many affiliate programs is the way they pay.  Some make you send them a bill!  A pretty sucky and mean-spirited way if you ask me.  Fortunately, these people give you two simple options: 

1) PayPal, or

2) Check.

I’ve optioned for PayPal as I suppose most have.

So take a look at the program and make your own decesion, but personally I think it’s a pretty ingenious concept and should be attractive to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Let me know what you think . . . and if you join.

That’s my 2 cents.

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